Client: HUB and M&G Real Estate
Status: Completed May 2017

At Rehearsal Rooms, a build-to-rent scheme for the private rented sector (PRS), residents are forming a real community. The development in the Royal Oak Opportunity Area forms part of an emerging vibrant neighbourhood around the North Acton underground station.

The initial planning consent in 2014 permitted a 17-storey tower to the west and an 11-storey tower to the east. Connected by a 4-storey link block, the scheme provided 152 flats. Planning consent in 2016, while the building was under construction, allowed three additional levels on the east tower and increased the provision of units by 21 flats.

The additional levels are designed as a seamless extension with external materials and details to match lower levels, though using a lightweight steel structure and brick slip cladding in contrast to the concrete frame and solid brick facade below.

The project has been shortlisted for the British Construction Industry Awards, the Brick Awards and the Inside Housing Development Awards in 2018 and was a GAGA Construction Award winner this year.

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